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Sighisoara, Str. Libertatii 41
Romania, jud Mures
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       Sighisoara is a valuble museum-town, offering the modern visitor a glimpse back in the time of the dark ages, several hundred years ago.
       The building where the ?GIA? hotel is situated also has it`s history. It is built at the end of the 19`th century (1892) by the ?Hugel? company, wich was highly known at the time. There are 6 buildings starting from the train station all with the same architecture of the facade (a sculpted face over the windows) also the walls of the bottom floor of the house are thick (some 50-60 cm) and rail tracks were used to consolidate the building. During the comunist time the building was never nationalised and had more owners before beeing given the purpose it has now. In the hotel the furbishment is trying to combine the modern with the historic and the romanian tradition.
       Between the objects of historical value you can find here:
1. Two Distaffs with the inscription of the date 1898 and 1922, the first one has the name of it`s former german origin owner engraved. Both distaffs are painted and chisseled in the tradition of the place. With motives specific to the area.
2. An act of religious confirmation from the village of  Apold written on the 24 of March 1918 to a child known as Martin Frank, born on the 22 of March 1903.
3. A ?Geitzinger? sewing machine made probably arround the year 1900
4. In the chimey of the building, we found, while renovating in 2002, a set of letters sent by Laur Laurentiu to his mom during the second world war, in the same envelope we also found a series of official papers, released by the same time. Also the envelopes of the letters contained SS Stamps and stamps with Hitler and king Mihai of Romania.

5. In the rooms and in the hallway there are paintings made by Betty Schuller, (1860 ? 1904). She is considered to be the firs painter from Sighisoara. Her father was Ludwig Schuller a well known painting teacher, painter and photographer. Her Mother, Friederike with her maiden name Martins, and her grandmother from the fathers side descended from a tallented Daenish family of painters. The Father promoted his daughter to a very succesfull painter in aquarell presentig sighisoara from different angles and perspectives in ways wich are rarely known by the younger generations. She also founded the ?Sebastian Hann? asociation. She died aged 44.
6. Collages of copys of pictures wich represent sighisoara at the end of the 19`th century and the beginning of the 20`th, and also a look of the town during the 2`nd World War.
       Also you can find in the Hotel`s kitchen and hallway objects of traditional romanian art made by skilled handcraftsmen: a mask from the area of Vrancea used in the winter holidays in Moldavia, pottery from the area of Korunka, Wooden basket made in Chendu, near Sighisoara, by hungarian craftsmen, puppets and dolls dressed in romanian popular suites with stitches that represent the tradition of the area.
       We hope you will join us in the history loaded town of Sighisoara.
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