Cazare in Sighisoara - Camere Valentine, Duble, Familie, Dormitor

Sighisoara, Str. Libertatii 41
Romania, jud Mures
+40 265 772 486
+40 722 490 003
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Festivalul de arta medievala
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       We have „Valentine’s Room” specially designed for lovers,every day is a „Valentine’s Day” at us.
      You can spend, in Sighisoara, unforgettable moments together with your beloved one for the city not only has a large load of history but is also full of romance(is chosen by many personalities from the world of artists-but not only). And if, somehow,you reach Sighisoara at the time of the Medieval Festival you--can arrange a one day marriage (the Master of ceremonies-also in medieval clothings- is there on stage to officiate the event and hand you the certificate over-in everyone’s applause-).
       Double Rooms
       Large, each with bath,TV+kable, wireless internet,it addresses to famillies(the beds can be united)but also to does who come for bussines or are passing through Sighisoara.In each room you will find papers( both in romanian and in english)with informations about Sighisoara and other touristic areas in the country + Pagitur, an information and touristique services guide,useful to thoes who want to discover Romania.
       Familly Rooms
       Either with 3 beds(2 adults and one child) or with 4 beds(2 adults and 2 children).We must not forget to mention that each bed has the same size so that the whole room can be used by adults,the advantage of such rooms is there price and the fact that you will find the same facilities as in the double rooms.
       „Dormitory” Rooms
       If you have a bigger familly or you are a group of friends,Gia Hotel (with this type of bedroom-rooms with 6 beds) is an alternative to consider due to our prices and facilities.We have many foreign tourists( young ones)and about 70-75% of them choose this type of room.
Curs Valutar BNR
EURO 4.9675 LEI
USD 4.6709LEI
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